Package Theft

Dealing with Package Theft

New policy on package theft

Sadly, during the last year, we have had an increasing number of thefts of “delivered” packages from our customers.  It has happened across all sizes and price points.

   Once a package is “delivered”, USPS updates the tracking # as such.  When a customer cannot find their order and reports it missing to us, the answer from USPS is “It was successfully delivered”.  Therefore they will deny claims for content or value both from the customer and from us. We detest when this happens to our customers, however, we are also NOT responsible for the missing items and will not refund the purchase. We packed & shipped it, provided the tracking, and notified the customer of delivery. To ENSURE you do not lose future packages here’s how to deal with package theft:

1). Select Signature Required at Checkout – you will need to sign for the package. Yes, it is $3.00 more, however, the average package value is over $50.00. This helps protect against theft during the Holidays.

2). Leave instructions for USPS / UPS about a specific location you want the packages placed or speak to your postmaster about placing your packages on HOLD at the Post Office until you can pick them up.

3). Ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out for your package. You know your own neighborhood and situation. 

4).  Lastly, with package theft becoming a phenomenon, if you are interested in mitigating risk, visit RING.COM for some of the latest technologies available to protect deliveries to your home. These devices are also available at Best Buy, Google Express, Home Depot, E-Bay, etc.  This site is provided as information only.  We have no personal experience with this company, but the products may be of help.

 With the holidays around the corner, give some thought to how you can protect your purchases and prevent package theft.  We are trying to help on our end.

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