Cedarwood essentail oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Where does Cedarwood Essential Oil come from?

Cedarwood is a plant found at high altitudes with cold, wet climates.  It is harvested mainly in Canada, British Columbia, and Washington State. The weather is damp in these regions and therefore a plethora of insects, microorganisms, and a multitude of fungus thrive.

However, Cedarwood is naturally well-armed to defend itself. This tree developed self-protective qualities that allow it to resist rot, repel insects and survive different levels of humidity, extreme temperatures, and other environmental stresses. A truly remarkable tree!

History of Cedarwood Essential Oil

For centuries, the unmistakable aroma of cedar has kept clothing free of holes and smelling clean. It resists mildew that can ruin garments PLUS repel moths and even roaches.

Cedar is one of the North American Indian’s most important ceremonial plants. The leaves and bark are used as medicine and protect against disease. The essential oil of Cedarwood plays a huge role in natural medicine for centuries.

Fast forward to modern-day life, the Cedarwood essential oil benefits and medicinal properties is one of the most heavily research. Research from the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and John Hopkins University shows that Cedarwood has multiple benefits.

Cedarwood Essential Oil in Soap

We purchase cedarwood essential oil that is extracted through steam distillation. We will not use oils that have been solvent extracted, thus avoiding chemical residues. With so many skin loving benefits, we incorporate pure Cedarwood Essential Oil in our Cedarwood Goat Milk Soap. The woodsy, warm aroma comes through cold process soap-making nicely and the soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits are retained. In terms of the skin, Cedarwood is reputed to help psoriasis, eczema, acne, and dandruff. (Please note, pure Cedarwood oil is not recommended for use by pregnant women)

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