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Powdered Goat Milk versus Real Goat Milk in Soap – Is there a difference? 
September 9, 2015

We find it interesting to watch multitudes of new soap vendors attempting to enter the market every year and most will…

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black tie goat milk soap
Natural Fragrance Oils – Fact or Fiction?
August 25, 2015

Do Natural Fragrance Oils Exist? The debate over the use of fragrance oils is never-ending. Understandably, a lot of consumers believe…

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blueberries botanical goat milk soap
The Power of Blueberries for Skin
August 2, 2015

Blueberries…….a tiny, power packed morsel that is good for your health, both internally and externally.  Yes indeed, blueberries are good for…

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Farmer’s Market Plans
July 29, 2015

The primary goal of today’s blog is to update our customers, especially those who have been routine visitors at local farmer’s…

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organic goat milk soap
Protect Your Skin with Goat Milk Soap
July 7, 2015

Mr. Rogers used to say “Learn something new every day”!  So with that in mind, let’s take a quick history trip. …

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honey oatmeal unscented goat milk soap
Is Goat Milk Soap Gluten Free? 
June 9, 2015

We have had an increasing number of customers inquire if Goat Milk Soap is Gluten Free. Happily, the answer is YES….

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balsam pine goat milk soap
What is special about Milk soaps? 
May 26, 2015

What is special about Milk Soaps? There are many ways to make soap, with many different base ingredients. Most soaps begin…

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Why use Honey in Soap - goat milk soap
Why Use Honey in Soap? Nature’s Bounty  
May 26, 2015

Why Use Honey in Soap? Most people are surprised to hear that we spent a year researching soap BEFORE we opened…

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coconut oil Coconut Oil vs. Tree Nut Allergies
Tree Nut Allergies and the use of Coconut Oil
May 18, 2015

Are you concerned about being allergic to the soap because of cocoNUT oil? We’ve been asked by customers with tree nut…

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Cedarwood essentail oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
May 18, 2015

Where does Cedarwood Essential Oil come from? Cedarwood is a plant found at high altitudes with cold, wet climates.  It is…

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