Covid 19

Cancellation of Goat Yoga due to Covid19

We’ve been watching all the developments on Covid19 and also the actions and reactions of the event community.  We were going to wait till May 1st to make a decision on holding Goat Yoga, but with the actions of both the State of Ohio and Federal Recommendations, we feel it appropriate to cancel all classes.

We know what a disappointment this will be to many people, however, our first priority is your safety, whether you are interacting with our goats or not.  This is an unprecedented time and all small businesses are in uncharted waters for deciding how to function and where to focus.

We will be reaching out directly to every person who registered for Goat Yoga Classes and offering the choice of a full electronic refund or alternatively, a credit to be used on our website or in our farm store.  We are not taking reservations for 2021 at this time.  Emails and Facebook/Twitter & Instagram posts will follow to get the word out to everyone.

We will miss the smiling faces, the gleeful giggles and the expressions of total relaxation and stress relief. We will miss the perfect photos of babies asleep in your arms, the mamas sharing your mat and the obvious pleasure they generate.  While you had fun, our payback was the joy we saw in everyone’s face.  We are sad to miss it this year.

We do not know what 2021 holds. The world is in an uncertain time. You are in our thoughts, and we pray you and your family remain safe & healthy.  We also have to say THANK YOU for all the kind words, support and continued product sales that help us get through this.  We truly have the BEST customers.


Chris Smith

So sad about this news . We appreciate you guys so much and looking out for the Health of everyone involved . This is definitely on my “Bucket List ”
I see how much Fun everyone who has done this in the past I feel like I’m missing out . We look forward to 2021 When we can Yoga with your babies again . Thanks for the Funny Videos , Stay Safe & Healthy

April 14, 2020

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