About a month ago, I underwent my routine mammogram, which resulted in a couple biopsies. Having never had any issues, the experience was unnerving, but it did open my eyes to the procedures and the fear that many women face. I was fortunate that my case was benign, but the medical costs of just learning that were substantial. I realized I was blessed as I began to think of all the women who have to go further… to mastectomies, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments. To say nothing of the emotional toll, the financial toll for these women and their families quickly reaches into the thousands of dollars.

To acknowledge the importance of this month, we are giving away 3 free jars of our Certified Aromatherapy Chemo Cream.

Nominate someone to receive a free jar who, regardless of cancer type, suffers from highly sensitive or treatment ravaged skin.

How do they win?

Step 1:  Leave a review for any of our products on line
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Step 3:  From all nominations, we will draw 3 names and send a free jar to your nominee with our compliments.

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