Bathing Your Dog in Goat Milk Soap

Bathing Your Dog in Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap has several benefits for your skin—it nourishes your skin, gets rid of acne, and helps keep your skin soft. What you might not know is that you can also wash your dog with goat milk soap. The natural ingredients in the soap make it perfectly safe to use on dogs. Plus, it can help improve your dog’s skin and keep their coat healthy!

Natural soap vs chemical shampoos

Most shampoos designed for dogs contain chemicals. While dog shampoos can do a great job at keeping your dog’s coat clean, they can also dry your dog’s skin out and cause allergic reactions. Not to mention, most dogs will lick themselves after getting a bath, which means those chemicals are getting ingested.

Goat milk soap cleans just as well and doesn’t contain itchy, harmful chemicals. There are unscented goat milk bars that are designed for pets.

Most dogs do not have any sort of allergic reaction to the soap, but you should always test it on a small portion of the skin before washing your dog completely.

Moisturizes skin

Goat milk soap has a high amount of fatty acids. These fatty acids lock moisture into the skin, which can help naturally hydrate your dog’s skin. This helps get rid of dry skin.

Dogs that live in warm environments are especially prone to dry skin. The soap will remove dry skin cells, lock moisture into the skin, and encourage the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

Many dogs suffer from overactive sebaceous glands at some point. This condition causes oil to build-up on your dog’s skin, which can result in dry, flaky skin. Goat milk soap helps to naturally wash away this oil and nourish the skin.

Soft and healthy coat

Another benefit of goat milk soap for dogs is that it has high amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, and E. Not only can these vitamins help keep your dog’s skin healthy, but they can also nourish your dog’s coat to keep it soft and smooth.

There are several reasons a dog’s coat might dry out. It could be because of the weather, it could be a lack of omega fatty acids or it could be a sign of an underlying disease.

What are the benefits of goat milk soap for dogs? Goat milk soap helps to introduce additional nutrients to your dog’s coat to help create a healthier coat. Goat milk soap also contains glycerin, which can help retain moisture in the coat and skin.

Get rid of itchy, sore skin

Dogs with skin allergies often develop itchy, sore spots all over their skin. It can be hard to get these spots to heal up—once they develop scabs, most dogs will lick open the scabs and cause the spots to start bleeding again.

For some dog owners, trying to heal those itchy spots seems nearly impossible. However, goat milk soap helps soothe itchy skin, so dogs are less likely to lick at themselves. And if they do have an open wound, goat milk soap helps protect against bacteria from getting into the wound. This prevents infection and inflammation, which can help the dog’s skin heal more quickly.

Good for all dog breeds

Are you wondering if goat milk soap can be used on your Cocker Spaniel? Well, another reason goat milk soap is great for dogs as well is that it can be used on all breeds.

Most commercial dog shampoos are marketed towards dogs with a specific length of coat. A long-haired Bernese Mountain Dog won’t do well with a shampoo meant for a short-haired Chihuahua.

Goat milk soap, however, lathers well in all sorts of coats. It will deep-clean those fluffy Chow Chows without any problems but is also gentle enough for the sensitive-skinned Whippet. So go ahead and start pampering your pup!

Pamper your pup

Most dogs need a bath every couple of weeks, but goat milk soap is gentle enough that you can
bathe your dog more often.

When it comes time to bathe your dog in goat milk soap, make sure to brush them beforehand to get rid of skin flakes and hair. Have everything you need ready to go around the tub.

Rinse your dog with warm water, then start lathering at the tail and work your way upwards. Rinse again with warm water. Be prepared for your dog to shake all that water off! Afterward, dry your dog with a clean towel or blow-dry their coat.

In summary

For owners that are struggling to heal their dog’s dry and itchy skin, or for owners that prefer natural ingredients over commercial dog shampoos that contain chemicals, goat milk soap could be a good alternative.

If dry and flaky skin is an ongoing issue for your dog, you should also take them to the vet to make sure there isn’t an underlying disease. Goat milk soap can help keep your dog’s coat and skin healthier, but it can’t heal underlying diseases.

Guest post by: Valerie of Officially Pets 

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