Are Essential Oils Toxic for Pets

Are Essential Oils Toxic for Pets? 

The essential oils we use in our Pet Bar will not cause harm to your pet.

 Are Essential Oils Bad for Pets?

In short, it depends on how they are used.  If you use undiluted essential oils directly on your pet, then toxicity can occur.

As trained aromatherapists, we enjoy educating consumers and dispelling half-truths.  In today’s blog post we hope to provide clarification on the issue of essential oil usage with our beloved pets!.

As with many things in life, 100% pure extracts from nature have the potential to be harmful.  What is important is to understand their components and the necessary DILUTION rate for their safe usage.  A little dab will do ya as the saying goes.

Natures Chemicals

What essential oils are harmful to dogs and cats? There is a belief among some that Tea Tree Oil is toxic to pets……especially cats.   Pure 100% Tea Tree Essential Oil applied directly to any animal’s skin can indeed be toxic, in addition, cats have a higher sensitivity than many other animals.  Using the purest form of any essential oil directly on the skin can cause harm..  These are nature’s chemicals and need to be handled with knowledge and respect.

Pet MD and other animal care websites discourage the use of essential oils with pets.  This is understandable because the average consumer has no idea how to use them and can inflict unintentional harm on their animals.  As trained aromatherapists we do not object to the warnings, we object to the lack of clarification that leads people to believe that essential oils cannot be used with pets.

On the web, there are a multitude of articles warning about Tea Tree specifically and other essential oils for pets.  But every article we have read harmful results came from accidental ingestion from inquisitive animals or the use of the oil at FULL STRENGTH, which is something that should never, ever be done.  Essential oils are incredibly POWERFUL and a very, very little will go a long, long way.

Consider for a moment, the pharmaceutical industry.  Many of the ingredients used in medications are measured in micro-grams and even smaller amounts.  If more is used, the pharmacist risks a reaction all the way up to and including death.  Many drugs are derived from nature, but that doesn’t make them perfectly safe.  The same thing applies to essential oils.

Essential Oil Standards

When we began researching our pet bar and formulating it, we did multiple calculations on the essential oils to determine the skin safe level (yes, even for pets).  Essential oil usage standards in the European Union are much stricter than they are in the United States and we formulate by European standards.  Our pet bar contains less than < 0.9% tea tree oil and that is a good thing.

Is that all, you say? I expect more for my money!   When it comes to essential oils, more is not always better.  It takes very little for the molecules to do their work and attach to the receptor sites in the body.  Given the response we have had from pet owners with happy pets, we believe our formulation is just right.

FYI…..What many humans do not realize is that you should not apply an essential oil product to your skin and diffuse essential oils in the room at the same time.  You are setting yourself up for an overdose and toxicity.  Whether topically applied or inhaled, essential oils bind and multiple on the receptor sites in the body!

Essential Oil Education is Key

Unfortunately, every single day there are essential oil companies hawking oils in person, on websites and at events to consumers without educating them on the safe application, the proper dilutions and dilution types and/or the contraindication for their usage.  This is why anyone serious about essential oils should either seriously seek continuing education or consult a trained aromatherapist.

Aromatherapists can determine the person (or pet’s) needs, formulate to address them specifically and have been trained and tested on creating proper, safe dilutions.  Whether it is us or another therapist, for the serious use of any essential oil, a consultation can mean the difference between success and failure.

So when you ask, Are Essential Oils Bad for Pets? The answer is yes, with proper education.

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