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Anniversary Party!

We have so much to celebrate!  While I have made personal care products for my family for many years, we formally entered the goat milk soap business approximately 8 years ago.  And while that is reason enough to pleased, it was the move into our dedicated soap production building that brought about a huge turning point.  We moved into that building one year ago on November 16 & 17.  This is the Anniversary we are wanting to celebrate!

The move enabled us to more than double production, enabled efficiencies to create inventory faster and be better organized. It helped us open doors to larger wholesale accounts including private label across the United States and we reached the milestone of having retail customers in all 50 states. We could not have accomplished this in the previous space.

So we feel like celebrating and hope you will join us!  For those who attend, you will be treated to hors d’oeuvres, drinks and prizes.  Weather permitting, a seasonal bonfire can be enjoyed.  But also, the chance to sample a variety of unique soap creations including:

Tahitian Treat, Mountain Forest, Iced Vanilla, Milk & Egg (unscented), Roasted Chestnut, Badedas, Barbershop, and a new EO soap…….Sweet Marjoram.  These soaps are NOT available on the website. They are exclusive to this event.

With it being a “ticketed” event, we are able to provide wine and beer.  But since you are buying a ticket, we want you to have a chance at one of 15 different prizes for spending your valuable time with us!

We will be giving away…….Two $50 Gift Cards, Two Free 2019 Goat Yoga Sessions ($35 each), 10 bar soap log (attendee choice – $74 value), 3 pack of 5 ml essential oils ($40 value),  Bottle of Elderberry Extract ($18), Bottle of Elderberry Syrup ($12), Book: The Healing Herbs ($8), Book: Not just a Pretty Face; the Ugly Side of the Cosmetic Industry ($13), Book:  Aromatherapy for Women: A Practical Guide to Health & Beauty ($15), 3 Pack of Soap ($21), 3 Pack of Lip Balms ($9), Free jar of Goat Milk Facial Cream ($17), Free Sinus Clear Roll On ($13), 

Tickets are available at Event Brite…..follow this link.  Let’s have some fun!!





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