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ADGA National Dairy Goat Show – Results

Nigerian Dwarf Goats at the ADGA Nationals

Today was an amazing day for Honey Sweetie Acres.  As many of our regular readers know, we are in Madison, WI at the

ADGA National Dairy Goat Show this week.  I left poor Steve at home to continue milking while I brought six of our youngsters to test their mettle against the best in the Nigerian Dwarf world.  The classes were huge, all due to the tremendous growth of the Nigerian Dwarf Breed at the National Level.  Classes with 35 upwards of  50 entries was the norm.

For those of you unfamiliar with “goat show” etiquette, the goal in very large classes is to “make the cut” and remain in the ring.  Generally 20 or so are selected by the judges for further evaluation and the remainder are excused.

I am tickled to say, all six of our girls “made the cut” every time and every doe went on to a win or a placing with a ribbon.

Here are the classes we entered and the results:

Junior Nigerian Dwarf Kid  –  37 entries  –  Honey Sweetie Acres Ambrosia  – Fourth Place

Intermediate Nigerian Dwarf Kid – 38 entries  – Honey Sweetie Acres Dulcinea – First Place,  Honey Sweetie Acres Lagatha – Third Place and Honey Sweetie Acres Guinevere – Sixth Place

Nigerian Dwarf Senior Yearling – 51 entries –  Wood Bridge Farm Ma Cherie’ – Eighth Place and Honey Sweetie Acres Daniela – Ninth Place

ADGA Group Class  – Best Three Junior Does –  (3 does shown as a group)  – Dulcinea, Daniela & Ma Cherie‘ – Third Place

ADGA Group Class – Junior Get of Sire  – (3 does with the same sire (father) – Ambrosia, Dulcinea & Daniela First Place

Last but certainly not least in the ADGA Grand Championship – Honey Sweetie Acres Dulcinea NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION JUNIOR DAIRY DOE

It was such an honor to compete with many of the best goats in the nation and wonderful fellow goat owners and exhibitors.  It is a fact that we do not compete heavily due to the demands of our Goat Milk Soap business, but raising the best possible animals has always been a priority and will continue to be.  Thank you to CUATLILREDBARN and the Cassel Family for all their help (as I battled bronchitis during the show) and Sue Ausman of WoodBridge Farm for  mentoring and advice over the years. Thank you also to Kathy Sullivan of Jasper Pine for that lovely buckling a few years ago whose kids just won Get of Sire.

Incredible day, incredible memories and incredibly blessed.  Thank you all!








Wendy Brown, Moon Treasures Farm, Trenton, OH

Congratulations! Dulcinea sure is a beauty!

July 20, 2017
Elisabeth Olsen

Congratulations on placing so well at the show. Beyond having a terrific herd I have I have such respect for how well you treat your animals and your respect for your mentors.
Cheering for you from the Redwoods!!!

July 13, 2017
Honey Sweetie Acres

Thank you so very much. Greatly appreciate your comments!

July 13, 2017


July 11, 2017

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