Saanen Goats

Nigerian Dwarf milk is very high in butterfat, approximately 3 X higher than the milk from any other goat breed. We decided for family consumption that we preferred to drink a lower fat milk and of course, avoid weight gain (we wish!) We began to study what breed would be the best to join our dwarf breed, especially taking into consideration their temperament. At the time, we had multiple Nigerians expecting kids and did not want to introduce added stress or another breed that could potentially become an aggressor to the smaller Nigerian.

Our research led us to the lovely white Saanen. For temperament and behavioral purposes, we discovered this breed was nicknamed “Marshmallows” for their calm, quiet and sweet demeanor. Hmmm…..sounded like a match! We of course wanted excellent milking genetics and turned to a renowned goat dairy farm in Mantua, OH – Cherry-Lane Saanens. We brought two 8 week old does and one buckling home in April of 2013 to join our band of Nigerians. Our two girls Emmaline and Athena grew up inside a herd of Nigerians and everyone is now one big happy family.
My husband has a HUGE family and everyone loves goat milk, so these two girls are dedicated to family consumption. Each spring, their offspring will be available for sale.

Our Saanens

cherry saaene dairy goat

Cherry- Lane Athena
ADGA ID #: AS1637657
LA 2015 83 +VV+

Athena is a lovely doe with a beautiful milking pedigree. Her dam is a 5 generation star milker. Athena is a half-sister to Emmaline on their sire’s side. Click on her photo for her pedigree.

cherry-lane-emm saaene dairy goat

Cherry-Lane Emmaline
ADGA ID #: AS1637658
LA 2015 87 VVVV

Talk about a sweet temperament! Emmi has to be reminded she is too big for our lap and she responds any time her name is called. We are excited to see her udder as her dam was a 10 generation star milker and her grand-dam was 9 star.

Snowflake Van Klaus
ADGA ID #: AS1673403

Photo soon! A nice young buck from Snowflake Saanens Dairy Farm.