Organic Shampoo – Sulfate Free


Limited Edition 73% organic shampoo is sulfate free. Comes in a variety of popular organic scents in 9 oz. bottles.

Wash away the chemical residue left by commercial shampoos, see what the feeling of truly clean feels like. Once dry, you will be amazed at how naturally soft your hair is without sulfates.  No parabens, alcohol, sulfates, sulfites or petroleum products!  Safe for color treated hair as well.

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    Our 73% organic shampoo is sulfate free. Comes in a variety of popular organic scents in 9 oz. bottles.  Helps to remove build-up residue from commercial shampoos and conditioners allowing the hair to breathe and have true softness without heavy additives.  You will be amazed at how far 1-2 short pumps will go in cleaning your hair.  Gentle as baby shampoo without sulfates and sulfides entering your scalp.  The various essential oils deliver anti-fungal and anti-microbial protections.  Stop itching, dandruff and inflammation today.

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    Organic Shampoo Scents

    Citris, Clean & Clear (unscented), Herbal Blend, Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint

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    2 reviews for Organic Shampoo – Sulfate Free

      Betsy Moyner March 26, 2017

      I used the Tea Tree & Peppermint on my daughter’s hair because there was a lice outbreak at her school. I was amazed at the softness and the wonderful scent left behind. It lathers wonderfully, can’t wait to try the other scents as well. Reasonably priced given all the wonderful ingredients.

      Irene Cianello February 18, 2018

      I am allergic to most ingredients in commercial shampoos, even the so=call “non-allergenic” ones. I tried this shampoo praying it would not irritate my scalp and I am in LOVE. My hair is soft, very clean and smells wonderful. No stinging, burning or itching. I can’t decide which one I like best. Amazing product.

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