Jewelweed Essential Oil Spray


Suffer from Poison Ivy? Do we have a solution for you! We use real, organic jewelweed extract as the majority ingredient in our Jewelweed Spray. This spray can be used either prior to a walk in the woods or as a homeopathic treatment after exposure. Jewelweed helps to dry the weeping rash and delivers an anti-inflammatory PUNCH to the site of exposure which helps to reduce the insane itch of poison ivy, poison oak or sumac. Safe to apply to blisters as it does not contain alcohol.

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      Chris Smith June 7, 2018

      This is amazing spray . I was cutting down weeds and soon after my hand was itching . After washing my hands I sprayed them with my Jewelweed Spray . The itching soon stopped . Great spray to have in the summer when you come in contact with poison Oak , or Ivy . Thanks for making this Great product. The price is very reasonable. Fast shipping too !!

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